Free Draught Proofing

Do you notice a drop in temperature when you move from one room to the next such as into the hallway or landing in your home? Can you hear a wailing sound coming from your windows on a windy day? Or are your Net Curtains Blowing in the wind If so it is likely your home may be draughty. Draughts are small hole openings within the construction of your home, usually around the windows and doors where cold air can come into the home and warm air escape to the outside. Draughts are similar to ventilation, although where ventilation is good for the home as it helps to reduce condensation and damp - Draughts are uncontrolled, as a result they often let too much cold air into the home and waste heat.

The UK Government has introduced a free draught proofing grant initiative - Warm Front The Warm Front grant entitles those on certain income related benefits and homeowners who are over a certain a certain age up to £3,500 towards vital home improvements. Warm Front grant home improvements include - Free Central Heating, Free Boilers, Free Loft Insulation, Free Cavity Wall Insulation and of course Free Draught Proofing grants.

Draught proofing is an area that oven gets overlooked compared to loft insulation and cavity wall insulation. A professional draught proofing course can make a huge difference to your home, a well draught proofed home will retain its own heat much more efficiently. This retained heat will save you money on your energy bills as you will not need to have your central heating on as high or for as long period of time. A well insulated home is also more beneficial for the environment, heat and greenhouse gasses do not escape into the environment increasing our carbon footprint and affecting the O-Zone layer. It is mainly this reason why the UK Government is so dedicated to ensure that every home in the UK is running at its peak efficiency.

Areas In The Home Where Draughts Are Common

  • Windows - Small holes are often found around the window area
  • Doors - Small openings can be found around the seal of doors and the bottom of doors
  • Loft Hatch - Cold air from the loft can enter the home through an unsealed loft hatch
  • Pipework Leading Outside - Holes should be properly sealed where pipes enter the home
  • Electric Fittings On The Walls And Ceilings - Cracks or unsealed fittings need filling
  • Letter Box - Letter box excluders or brushes make a huge difference to the home

Where draught proofing can be completed by a non professional, many people carry out DIY draught proofing in their home. With a Warm Front grant you are eligible for FREE Draught Proofing in your home completed by a professional draught proofing insulating team. Consequently the level of draught proofing under a Warm Front grant is to a high level of details. There are different levels of detail you can go into with Draught Proofing from simply inserting door brushes to fully insulating the windows and doors etc. A Warm Front Draught Proofing Grant provides a full draught proofing course to your home.